Massage in wincester

What is it?

Our clinical massage therapists are qualified to the highest standards benefitting from many years experience. We offer 30, 45, 60,  or 75-minute massages tailored to your needs. We ask for a minimum 45 minute session for your first appointment to allow our therapist the opportunity to assess your needs. Treatment with our massage therapist's has the benefit of increasing or decreasing muscle tone; promoting flexibility; minimising injury risk and improving circulation and lymphatic flow. We currently offer the following massage treatments:

  • Sports massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Therapeutic massage

Who will benefit?

Massage isn't just for athletes. It will benefit people with injury, chronic pain, reduced range of motion, or those feeling the effects of desk working from home or in the office. Our therapists usually concentrates on a particular area identified as problematic; however if you just want the benefit of a relaxing or stimulating, upper, lower, or full body massage we can also be of assistance. Our massage therapists will discuss your needs at each session.

What happens during the massage?

Our massage therapist in Winchester has undergone extensive training in massage and has vast experience in this treatment. Our fantastic setting befits the quality of service provided. You will need to wear suitable clothing allowing the area to be treated exposed to the therapist. Discretion and integrity will be maintained at all times. You will be covered with a towel and only the area to be treated will be exposed at any one time.

Massage Gift Vouchers

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