What is it?

Emily has a passion for pilates and as one of our physiotherapists with an APPI Pilates instructor qualification, you know your are in safe hands. The class will differ from a basic Pilates class by utilising a rehabilitation and injury prevention approach to build on the core Pilates principles. 

Is it suitable for everyone?

Different exercises can be modified to suit beginners through to advanced as individuals adapt over time. Exercises can be performed during pregnancy, your pilates instructor will adapt your programme accordingly. 

How do I access it?

You can access our class in Winchester on Wednesday's 3-4pm. You can book individual sessions, or pre-book for week's in advance to secure your place. Your first session can be booked online by following the link below, or through our other methods of contact.

Can I book and just try it out?

Yes, to secure your place you can book up to 16 sessions with us across all disciplines, as far ahead as 12 weeks. Alternartively, just book one and give it a go! 

Book Online Now Or alternatively: Call us on 01962 854028 or email us

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