Online consultation

Should you choose an online appointment, here are a few key points to be aware of:

  1. We will be using Zoom for your consultation, so please make sure you have a registered account before your consultation starts and using your email we will schedule a call, for which you will receive a reminder. This service is free.
  2. You will be invited by your therapist to join the meeting. 
  3. Any information obtained in this consultation will only be passed on with your prior consent.
  4. It would be helpful to your therapist if you could briefly indicate the problem you are having in the notes section of your booking. This will allow us to best prepare for your consultation and also allocate you to the most appropriate member of our team.
  5. You may be required to expose the area of concern and areas above and below also. Please wear appropriate clothing and be prepared to undress if necessary. Please ensure privacy if necessary.
  6. You may want to consider the space you have available around your laptop/desktop, as we will be going through various tests and possible exercise demonstrations.

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