Winchester Physiotherapy

Our Winchester physiotherapist's believe manual therapy is an important part of treatment used to treat musculoskeletal disorders. Manual therapy includes manipulation, mobilisation, and massage.


A low amplitude, passive, high velocity thrust technique to the spine or peripheral joints. The aim of manipulation is to restore movement, function and relieve pain.


Similarly to manipulation, the purpose of mobilisation to the spine or peripheral joints is to restore movement, function and relieve pain. Mobilisation is best described as a skilled passive movement which can vary in terms of speed, amplitude and direction.


The rubbing or kneading of soft tissue to relieve pain and tension. Massage is used to improve function, promote relaxation, aid the healing process and inhibiy motor neurone excitability.

Exercise prescription

Exercise will be a cornerstone of your treatment and both Andy and Nadia will prescribe exercises to help with your injury and a successful return to full fitness. Our Winchester physiotherapist's use state of the art software to e-mail your exercise programme to you with pictures, videos and full instructions; giving you access to your exercise programme wherever you are.

Sports specific rehabilitaion

Our Winchester physiotherapist's bring a wealth of knowledge and experience through their work in the sports industry and from working as part of a multi-disciplinary team including doctors, strength and conditioning coaches, and nutritionists. Should your goal to be a return to sport you can be sure that your rehabilitation will be specifically tailored to your needs, taking you through acute injury management to sports specific rehabilitation in the latter stages.

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