Yoga Physiotherapy

What is it?

Our Yoga sessions are based on traditional Hatha Yoga techniques and taught by our highly experienced Physiotherapist Kim, who has a passion for yoga and its benefits for injury recovery and prevention. The small classes facilitate posture, flexibility, strength and balance aligned with breathing and movement. This class particularly focuses on a healthy and conditioned body to aid recovery from injury or to maintain current activity levels.

Is it suitable for everyone?

The classes are ideal for beginner or intermediate levels. Exercises can be modified to suit your ability and injury history, which is where having an experienced physiotherapist is of real benefit. Kim will adapt your programme accordingly and you are encouraged to feedback if you find anything too challenging. 

How do I access it?

You can access our class in Winchester on Monday's 2-3pm. You can book individual sessions, or pre-book a number of sessions for week's in advance to secure your place.  Your first session can be booked online by following the link below or through our other methods of contact.

Can I select when to attend and miss some sessions?

Yes, to secure your place you can book up to 16 sessions with us across all disciplines, as far ahead as 12 weeks. Alternartively, just book one and give it a go! 

Book Online Now Or alternatively: Call us on 01962 854028 or email us

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